The South West Chambers of Commerce and Industry invite you to an exploration of key projects and exciting investment opportunities in the South West region of Western Australia.

This is a special event that will be presented in the Perth CBD and will appeal to state, national and international investor markets, property and land developers and members of business and industry with an interest in the development of the South West.
To be held over an afternoon, the event will feature a keynote address by leading demographer Bernard Salt. Following Bernard’s address will be “South West success stories”, three presentations from diverse business and industry – case studies that highlight the benefits of operating from the South West region.

We will enlighten you on how the South West is building Australia’s best regional cities followed by a series of rapid-fire presentations entitled “Ten Top Investments” – including some of the key projects of the region; Transforming Bunbury’s waterfront, Busselton Margaret River Airport, Industrial Land – space for economic growth and Water for new growth. Further exciting presentation topics can be found in the full conference program schedule

The exploration will conclude with a Sundowner networking session, guests will mingle with the speakers and enjoy delectable wines and gourmet tastings from the South West region.

Conference Information

South West Focus Conference Program


1.30pm – OPENING

Speaker: Ray McMillan – CEO, Busselton Chamber of Commerce & Industry

1.40pm – Welcome to Country

Speaker: Barry McGuire

1.45pm – Welcome and Launch

Speaker: Hon Colin Holt MLC – Member for the South West Region

2.00pm – Building Business – Future South West, WA

Speaker: Bernard Salt – Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Columnist, Business Advisor, Author



2.45pm – Nauti-Craft

Speaker: Ken Johnsen – Managing Director, Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd

2.54pm – Great Southern Distillers

Speaker: Cameron Syme – Founder, Director, CTO Great Southern Distilling Company

3.01pm – Geographe Enterprises

Speaker: Holly Hyder – Internal Consultant, Geographe Enterprises


3.30pm – Building Australia’s best regional cities

Speaker: Stuart Hicks – Regional Chair, Regional Centres Development Plan



3.50pm – Investment introduction

Speaker: Charles Jenkinson – Executive Officer, Regional Development Australia, South West

3.55pm – Busselton-Margaret River Airport – Gateway to the South West

Speaker: Mike Archer – CEO, City of Busselton

4.05pm – Bunbury – seize the opportunity

Speaker: Gary Brennan – Mayor, City of Bunbury

4.15pm – Maritime Gateway – Bunbury Port

Speaker: Nicolas Fertin – Chief Executive Officer, Southern Ports Authority

4.25pm – Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront

Speaker: Ashley Clements – Strategic Manager Infrastructure, South West Development Commission

4.35pm – Aquaculture Innovation – Abalone ranching in Flinders Bay

Speaker: Brad Adams – Managing Director, Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd

4.45pm – Genuinely Southern Forests Premium Produce

Speaker: Bevan Eatts – Chair, Southern Forests Food Council Inc.

4.55pm – Space for economic growth now and into the future

Speaker: Stuart Nahajski – General Manager Regional, Landcorp

5.05pm – Water for new growth

Speaker: Peter Fogarty  – Director, Pendulum Group

5.15pm – Number One Regional Tourism Destination

Speaker: Trent Bartlett – Board Chairman, Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

5.25pm – Film, Art, Music Capital

Speaker: Mat Lewis – TradeStart Advisor, South West Development Commission

5.35pm – Conference Wrap-up

Speaker: David Kerr – President, Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industries and General Manager Dolphin Discovery Centre

5.40pm – SUNDOWNER

Sundowner with quality South West wines and canapes, attendees will network with the region’s business and community leaders and conference presenters.

5.40pm – South West – the creative capital

Speaker: Mat Lewis – TradeStart Advisor, South West Development Commission

6.55pm –  CLOSE

Speaker: Ray McMillan – CEO, Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Please note: The South West Focus Conference Agenda and/or speakers may be subject to change.

Refunds and Cancellations Information

The South West Focus Conference “Investing in a Region of Excellence” Agenda is subject to change.
The South West Focus Conference “Investing in a Region of Excellence” organising committee has taken due care in selecting qualified professionals as its seminar presenters. The information provided by our presenters is not produced by The South West Focus Conference “Investing in a Region of Excellence” organising committee and we accept no responsibility for reliance on such information.
Privacy statement
The South West Focus Conference “Investing in a Region of Excellence” organising committee is committed to your privacy. All information collected at registration is held in strict confidence. The information you provide is retained primarily to notify you of future South West Focus events. If you do not wish to receive such information please notify us by email at
Venue access
We are committed to ensuring that all people have the opportunity to participate in South West Focus Conference events. Our venues are selected to ensure that barriers to access are addressed appropriately. We are committed to consulting with people facing access difficulties, their families and their carers, and encourage you to contact us on 0403 262 045 if you have any concerns.

Be part of a major conference looking at key projects and exciting investment opportunities in the South West region of Western Australia.


South West economy

Where the South West is placed in the overall WA economy

The South West in relation to the Super Connected Lifestyles Locations (a report developed by Bernard Salt)

South West major projects

Business and Industry – South West success stories

Ten Top Investment Opportunities

South West Focus Conference – Investing in a Region of Excellence



29 September 2016

Pan Pacific Hotel, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth



Registrations at 1pm, conference from 1.30-5.30pm,
Sundowner with quality South West Canapes, Wines and Beer 5.30pm-7pm



$295 per person, includes conference and sundowner


Registrations Close

26 September 2016

Investment Benefits for Many


Legal firms

Financial advisors

Accounting firms

Property developers

Government representatives (Local/State/Commonwealth)

Business interested in the development of the SW Region

Business considering moving to the SW region

Hosted by the South West Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Supported by members of the steering committee made up of

Bunbury Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bunbury Wellington Economic Alliance

Regional Development Australia South West

South West Chamber of Minerals and Energy

South West Development Commission

Warren Blackwood Alliance of Councils

The South West Focus Conference is Coming Soon








Keynote Speaker

Leading social commentator Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community.
He is a high-profile Melbourne-based Partner with the global advisory firm KPMG where he founded the specialist advisory business, KPMG Demographics.

Bernard writes two weekly columns for The Australian newspaper that deal with social, generational and demographic matters.
He is an adjunct professor at Curtin University Business School and he holds a Master of Arts degree from Monash University.
Bernard Salt is one of the most in-demand speakers on the Australian corporate speaking circuit and has been so for more than a decade. He is perhaps best known to the wider community for his penchant for identifying and tagging new tribes and social behaviours such as ‘the seachange shift’, ‘the man drought’, ‘pumcins’ and ‘the goats cheese curtain’.

Bernard has popularised demographics through his books, columns and media appearances for 25 years. His body of work is encapsulated in six popular best-selling books beginning with The Big Shift published in 2001 through to his most recent work More Decent Obsessions published in 2014.

Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt

Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Columnist, Business Advisor, Author

Bernard Salt is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community.


Ray McMillan – CEO Busselton Chamber of Commerce & Industry

President of the South West Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Vice President of the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry WA. Represents business interests on a wide range of local and State Government organisations and is passionate about local economic development and sustainability.

Has a diverse consulting background in strategic and business planning throughout various industry sectors including resources, wine, building and construction and government.

Barry McGuire – Managing Director, Redspear Safety Pty Ltd

Barry is a Balladong, Wadjuk, Noongar who is highly regarded as a public speaker, facilitator and negotiator. Barry has worked as a consultant and cultural advisor on a range of strategic projects across the Corporate, Mining and Oil & Gas sectors as well as Local, State & Federal Government structures.

In addition to his role as Managing Director of Redspear Safety, he continues to play an active role in community development across Perth. This allows him to exercise his passion for the promotion and sharing of cultural understanding across all industries.

Hon Colin Holt MLC – Leader of The Nationals WA Legislative Council
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Housing, Racing and Gaming; and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Water; Sport and Recreation; Forestry
Member for the South West Region

After growing up in Goomalling, Colin graduated from UWA before being employed by the WA Department of Agriculture. Colin then became a Director of ARID Group, working with regional organisations, community groups, local governments and country people, delivering community development outcomes across WA including leadership development and community engagement.

Colin was first elected to represent the South West Region in the 2008 State election. Since that time he has used his parliamentary position to deliver a renewed focus on regional Western Australia and the South West.

Colin has previously served as Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development and as Minister for Housing; Racing and Gaming.

From July 2016 Colin was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Housing, Racing and Gaming; and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Water; Sport and Recreation; Forestry.

Colin Holt is working with the Nationals team to deliver Royalties for Regions projects that create jobs, stimulate the economy and make the South West a better place to live.

Ken Johnsen FAICD MSAE – 
Managing Director, Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd

Ken has had an extensive career as a Chief Executive and executive director of several ASX listed companies that were involved in the commercialisation of innovative technologies in the transportation sector. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors having held board positions for over 20 years. He is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (USA).

During a 30 year career with Orbital Corporation Ltd he held a number of senior positions including the Managing Director of the operating subsidiary that employed over 380 staff involved in highly technical research projects. He also served as the Chairman and President of Orbital Engine Company (USA) Inc at a time when Orbital successfully raised US$100 million with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Prior to taking on the role as MD of Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd for 8  years Ken was Managing Director of Advanced Braking Technology Ltd. Under Ken’s management the company was recapitalised, a complete board restructure was implemented and the company’s revenue grew five fold over 8 years to over $8 million and a point of profitability.

Ken has a strong technical background having worked as an engineer in his early career during which time he had a number of patented inventions to his credit. This technical background supports Ken’s strong expertise in the management of research and development projects.

Cameron Syme – Founder, Director, CTO Great Southern Distilling Company

Growing up in Buntine, a small town in Western Australia’s north-east wheat belt, Cameron enjoyed hearing stories of distant relatives in Scotland who gave up the whereabouts of their own illegal distillery to use the reward money to start a new one. Whether it was the romance of those stories or simply a love of Whisky, the idea was planted to start his own distillery one day – although it would take 16 years before the dream would became reality.

Cameron boarded at Swanleigh and attended Governor Stirling Senior High School, and following graduation attended Curtin University and later Murdoch University in Perth. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons 1st) and bachelor of Commerce Degrees. He spent 10 years working as an accountant in Perth and the UK, but his passion for whisky was still very much alive. After returning to Australia and becoming a lawyer, Cameron worked for a top tier commercial law firm in Melbourne and Perth and then in-house for a large multinational. It was on completion of one particular oil and gas deal when Cameron realised he wanted a different challenge. He had already taken time to travel through the UK researching Scottish distilleries, honing his knowledge and gaining an appreciation for the style of single malt whisky he preferred. Cameron then spent time in Tasmania with Bill Lark, who is widely considered ‘The Godfather’ of the renaissance in Australian Whisky distilling.

In 2004, Cameron obtained an IBD/UK Trades Board “General Certificate of Distilling”, and then put all the knowledge he had gained from 16 years of research into practice. In 2005, Cameron and his wife Traci and children relocated from Perth to Albany and The Great Southern Distilling Company commenced production. Cameron chose Albany as it has pristine water, premium quality barley, local peat and a cool maritime climate.


Holly Hyder – Internal Consultant, Geographe Enterprises

Holly Hyder is part of the third generation to lead her family’s business, Geographe Enterprises, a medium-sized manufacturing and engineering solution provider to Australia’s biggest mining companies.

After graduating from Curtin University, Holly spent several years in Melbourne working in energy technology, commercialisation and government policy. This was followed by a 6-month exchange to Austin, Texas to experience all things ‘start-up’, before returning to Western Australia to continue growing the family business.

Her role currently involves identifying and executing internal business improvement initiatives, investigating new ways of doing business, as well as assessing external ideas for commercialisation fit, potential and investment.

Stuart Hicks AO – Regional Chair, Regional Centres Development Plan

Stuart Hicks is a business policy and planning advisor. He has previously headed a range of West Australian government agencies, including Transperth, the Department of Transport, and Department of Marine and Harbours. Mr Hicks has served as a commissioner of the WA Planning Commission, chairman of the National Transport Commission and chairman of the East Perth Redevelopment Authority. He is deputy chair of the Regional Development Council of WA and a member of the Regional Development Trust. In 2006 he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for services to the road transport industry, the public sector, and the community.

Charles Jenkinson – Executive Officer, Regional Development Australia, South West

Charles came to regional development after 21 years in the print media, 10 as an award-winning newspaper editor in the UK, Melbourne and Western Australia. He has worked delivering Commonwealth services for eight years as an Executive Officer under six Ministers and has now hunkered down in the magnificent South West of WA. He has a Social Science honours degree, post grad certificate in Regional Development from UWA and Masters degree in Planning and Environment from RMIT. He sits on the SW Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre Advisory Board, South West Community Foundation, chairs the Manea Senior College Board and is a member of the Bunbury-Jiaxing Business Office executive. He is an Associate Fellow in the Australian Institute of Management, a JP and a terrible cricketer.

Mike Archer – CEO, City of Busselton

Mike Archer is the current CEO of the City of Busselton – one of the fastest growing municipalities in Western Australia. He joined the City in August 2010 injecting a new sense of vitality and instilling a strong focus on strategic planning. With over 37 years service in Local Government, Mike has a wealth of experience, particularly in the areas of strategic planning and major project management.

Prior to commencing with the City of Busselton, Mike served as the CEO at the Shire of Katanning and the Shire of Esperance in Western Australia where he pursued his passion for regional capacity building.

For the last 6 years Mike has overseen the transformation of Busselton from a Shire to City status. The City has one of WA’s largest capital works programmes, including projects such as the Busselton Foreshore Redevelopment, New Civic and Administration facilities for the City, Townscape works in Busselton and Dunsborough, and the development of the Busselton and Margaret River Airport which we are going to hear about today to Domestic and International operations.

Gary Brennan – Mayor of Bunbury

Gary Brennan was elected Mayor in October 2013 on a platform of experience, passion for Bunbury, change, reconnecting with the community and providing effective leadership to the elected Council and the Bunbury community. Since then the City of Bunbury Council has made a number of strategic improvements including providing clear organisational objectives, introduced fundamental changes to rating, instilled budgetary discipline and reduced operational costs, reduced the number of Committees and shifted operational focus to more facilitative.

The Council has also initiated town planning changes to meet the market and re-established partnerships with the business community and the government.

Gary was raised in Bunbury. He is married to Robyn, their children and 5 grandchildren live in the South West.  Gary has a number of tertiary qualifications including an MBA and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a Board Member of the South West Development Commission, a Member of the South West Region Planning Committee, Gary also volunteers as a Justice of the Peace.

Nicolas Fertin – Chief Executive Officer, Southern Ports Authority

Nicolas Fertin was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Southern Ports Authority (SPA) in February 2015.

Nicolas moved to Australia 18 years ago and his family have called it home ever since. In the early part of his career Nicolas worked in the manufacturing sector. He moved to Australia while he worked for Mars Incorporated, a large international food manufacturer.

Ten years ago, Nicolas left the food manufacturing sector to join the infrastructure and transport sector. During that time, Nicolas led international teams in the Ports, Property Management industries and, more recently, within Australia in the Rail industry.

He enjoys leading multiple business units balancing the need to preserve local priorities with the need to address the regional or global opportunities and challenges.

Nicolas has been actively engaged with significant supply chain transformations in Europe, the US and Australia. At Asciano, Nicolas was instrumental in delivering the Western Australia Kewdale Rail Customer precinct which saw significant private investment delivering a transformation of the Freight Terminal, extracting supply chain costs, reducing transit time and trucks on the road.

Ashley Clements – Strategic Manager Infrastructure, South West Development Commission

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Post Graduate Certificate in Business (Management)
Ashley Clements has 18 years experience in regional development, at State, Federal, local government and the not-for profit sector level.

At the Commission, Ashley manages the Commission’s Infrastructure team delivering a significant portfolio of major projects including ‘Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront’, upgrade of the Busselton Regional Airport and Margaret River Perimeter Road.

Bradley Adams – Managing Director Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd

Brad Adams is a third generation fisherman who has been involved in the abalone industry all his life. For 12 years he worked as commercial abalone diver along Western Australia’s south coast.

In 2009 Brad and his partners founded Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd (OGA). The system developed by OGA is as close to nature as aquaculture can be. OGA have patented abalone reef modules to build reefs on the seafloor in locations that have all the environmental requirements for abalone populations to thrive, but are missing the rocks, or the habitat. By providing suitable habitat, then seeding those reefs with juvenile abalone OGA have had excellent results in growing seeded abalone to maturity.

The first commercial harvests have commenced and will build to an annual harvest of 100T per annum by 2018. OGA are currently expanding the business, with plans in place to double the size of production in Augusta and new abalone ranches under consideration in Esperance, Bremer Bay and Port Lincoln.

Bevan Eatts – Chair, Southern Forests Food Council Inc.

The Southern Forests Food Council Inc. (SFFC) was established in 2012 by local growers for local growers, to promote Southern Forests produce and producers.

Bevan Eat ts, Chairs the Food Council’s Committee of Management, made up of ten local producers who, between them, have hundreds of years’ experience in the industry.

Bevan is a third generation grower; an orchardist who also produces beef cattle and sheep. Bevan has been self-employed for the last 20 years and Chair of the Food Council since 2O12.

He has previously been part of the Fruit West Committee, Warren Donnelly Water Advisory Committee, Horticulture Agriculture Advisory Reference Group, as well as being the Chair of the Stone Fruit Leadership Group.

The Food Council is a member-based organisation with over 300 members, of which 200 are producer members spanning horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, viticulture and agri-tourism. Bevan is honoured to be a part of the Food Council and sees it as a great opportunity to help a diverse group of members and to spread the message about the region’s world-class produce.

Bevan is committed in his role at the Food Council in unifying the area’s world-class and diverse producers to strengthen the region’s economy, attract investment and export opportunities, promote regional pride, and create sustainable jobs.

Stuart Nahajski – General Manager Regional Landcorp

As LandCorp’s General Manager Regional, Stuart Nahajski is responsible for leading and directing LandCorp’s Regional Program of infrastructure developments, in addition to strategic planning, corporate management and policy determination.

Stuart leads a team of land and property development professionals who focus on working with stakeholders and communities to facilitate government priorities and to attract private investment across regional Western Australia.

LandCorp’s regional priorities include supporting economic diversification under Regional Blueprints, realising the value of land and property through transformational and sustainable developments, the ongoing realisation of the Pilbara Cities vision, and industrial and tourism expansion in the State’s south.

With a degree in civil engineering and a Masters in Project Management, Stuart has held senior development, project management and engineering roles with Stockland, Urban Pacific and SKM, and has previously worked in both the private and public sectors in the United States.

Peter John Fogarty – 
Director, Pendulum Group

Peter Fogarty commenced his career in 1973 as a barrister and solicitor. From 1986 to 2003 he was CEO of public listed, global technology company, ERG Limited.

In the 1990s Peter started his own wine business, Fogarty Wine Group, which he has built into the state’s largest wine producer, comprising four wineries and WA’s largest wine processing facility in Margaret River.

In 2004 he co-founded a corporate advisory and investment group, Pendulum Capital, which has advised on the sale and purchase of some of the state’s largest agricultural transactions, including the sale of Harvey Fresh and the purchase of Harvey Beef; as well as developing a residential subdivision in Chittering.

Peter is also leading a water services company, Aqua Ferre, which is involved in innovative water supply projects, including a proposal to solve the salinity problems in the Wellington Dam.

Trent Bartlett – Board Chairman, Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

Trent has over 30 years of CEO and Board level experience in large public, private and not for profit organisations across 14 different industry sectors.

Trent’s current directorships include;

  • Independent Chairman of Margaret River and Busselton Tourism Association which markets the world famous destination and brand of the Margaret River Region all around the globe.
  • Chairman of Good Samaritan Industries which is a leading disability services provider and op shop retailer in WA.
  • Independent Director of Co-operative Bulk Handling Group (CBH), Australia’s leading agri-business, the country’s second largest private company and largest co-operative.

Trent is also a professional mentor to Board Chairs, Directors and 20 Perth CEO’s and a Governance Educator/ Facilitator for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mat Lewis – TradeStart Advisor, South West Development Commission

Mat Lewis, is the TradeStart Advisor for the South West Development Commission in partnership with Austrade since 2005,where he covers export market development for the wine, food, tourism and creative sectors. Mat moved to Margaret River after graduating from his Bachelor of Business degree in 1995 and in 1996, and developed the Margaret River Wine Club. Mat then returned to Perth to study Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia helped his vision become reality of developing a Marketing Agency in Margaret River called CREATIVE JUICES. Over the last 5 years Mat has focused on the development of the Creative Sectors within the South West with the establishment of the development of the Emergence Creative Festival and other start up initiatives related the sector. Mat sits on the board of Australia’s South West and Creative Corner as an advisor.

David Kerr – President of the Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industries and General Manager Dolphin Discovery Centre

David has a broad range of consultancy and training experience across industry and government groups and has undertaken senior management roles involving organisational restructuring and project management. He has managed his own consultancy business since 1989 and worked throughout Australia. He relocated to Western Australia in 1996 and is based in Bunbury some 2 hours south of Perth. Key activities have included: business and organisational reviews, feasibility studies, strategic planning, community engagement, project management, marketing and group facilitation.

David is a creative and strategic thinker and seeks to implement change through consultative processes that develop organisational and individual commitment and actions towards clearly identified outcomes.

David was the independent Chair of the Bunbury Marine Alliance, is President of the Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industries and the General Manager of the Dolphin Discovery Centre.

South West Focus Conference Committee


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Landcorp South West Focus Conference Sponsor

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