Major Partners

The South West Development Commission is part of the West Australian Government. Our aim is to make the South West region an even greater place to live, work and invest. We do so by partnering with communities, government, business and industry to identify and support projects that benefit the region. Developing the region’s economy and improving quality of life are key areas of focus.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is an Australian Government initiative that brings together all levels of government to enhance the development of Australia’s regions. A national network of RDA committees has been established to achieve this objective.

CalEnergy Resources Limited is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, which is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, US. The group of operating companies headed by CalEnergy Resources Limited (CalEnergy) currently participate in upstream oil and gas projects in Australia, Poland and the UK.

CalEnergy currently has three offices located in London, UK; Perth, Australia; and Warsaw, Poland.
CalEnergy or its predecessor companies have been active in oil and gas since the 1970s, and the group has participated in exploration through appraisal, development, production and pipeline operations.

CalEnergy currently is an active operator in both Australia and Poland. The Australian subsidiary is operator of the EP-408 (Whicher Range) Joint Venture which is seeking to unlock the potential of the strategic Whicher Range gas field located south of Busselton.

Perkins Builders is the largest regional commercial builder in Western Australia and has been a constant in the South West of WA for the past 50 years.  Specialising in a diverse range of commercial, industrial and civil construction projects Perkins provides work for over 420 people throughout Western Australia.  Perkins is proud of its country heritage and part of that culture is investing in youth training and development by running an ongoing apprenticeship scheme as well as working closely with the local schools on their VET programs and providing graduate opportunities.


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