About the SWCCI

The Voice of Business in the South West


The South West Chambers is led by business leaders of the towns in the South West who have a vision for the future of small business and industry in this region. We are confident that the South West is ideally suited as a region of growth, diversification and opportunities. The South West Chambers was formed early in 1994.



The South West Chambers is a regional organisation of the Chamber of Commerce movement in the  South West Region. Each of the member Chambers of Commerce have equal representation of four members each on the Management Committee of the South West Chambers. All decisions are made by consensus to ensure that the interests of each of our member Chambers are protected and to ensure that the South West Chambers can speak confidently as the united voice of business in the South West.



We believe that wealth and prosperity, and all the social benefits that come with a prosperous community, are primarily created by the efforts of the private sector: small business proprietors with imagination, drive, energy and enthusiasm; industry leaders who transform the potential of the region into jobs for our people and dividends for our investors; and the workers within our businesses and industries whose commitment and hard work make our businesses the successes that they are.

We believe that to make the most of the opportunities in the offing, it is essential for the business community of the South West to have a strong, clear and coherent voice to represent our interest clearly to all levels of Government; to industry associations and to investors from interstate and overseas. Without such representation, we will be at the mercy of other forces that cannot have a true knowledge of the perspective of business people in the South West Region, and we risk having decisions made that reduce our ability as a community to be industrious and creative. We must speak for ourselves, and speak clearly.



The South West Chambers meets every quarter, or as required, to develop policies, services and activities that will promote, support and champion the interest of the business community in the South West Region.  This has included:

  • Negotiating with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA) for improved servicing of South West Businesses.
  • Lobbying Government Ministers, Government Departments and CCIWA to support the development of additional industry infrastructure in the South West, such as the building of a port at Kemerton.
  • Organising familiarisation tours of senior members of Government and of CCIWA to develop an appreciation among senior decision makers within the State of the strategic significance of business and industry in the South West.
  • Opposing the introduction of the Carbon Tax and the abolition of the Diesel Fuel Rebate,
  • Which would have had a significant dampening effect on the South West’s leading industries and employers.
  • Developing united responses to Government policies, taxes and regulations.
  • Developing a united vision for the development of business and industry in the South West.
  • Networking between South West businesses.
  • Representing the views of business and industry on committees working to support the economic development of the South West. Such as the Collie Power Station Task Force and the Southern Province Regional Development Organisation.
  • Lobbying to attract major industrial development projects into the South West Region, such as the Collie Power Station, Kemerton Port and the Southwest Pulp Mill.
  • Working with Government and major industry developers to support a local employment and local contract maximisation policy on major industrial projects commencing within the South West Region.
  • Working with our local Chambers to support them in issues facing their local business communities as they arise and seek assistance from the South West Chambers.